Securing Digital Future 21* initiative has been established in celebration of 10 Years’ Anniversary of Joint Training Simulation & Analysis Center, Institute of ICT, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Being at the rise of the fourth technological and social revolutionary transformations the idea is combining both – research & educational efforts in a sustainable knowledge capacity throughout a proven expert community with valuable partner support. 

    The key objective of the initiative is to create a digital web portal for expert thoughts, innovations and concerns exchange, regarding the new cyber-physical transformed ecosystem of living.

   In this context it is important to note the necessity of modern environment threats hybridization that generates numerous tangibles and intangibles towards the future. An appropriate added value in this challenging objective meeting is the combination of human & technological evolutionary knowledge in 21 century comprehensive security.

*The initiative name could also be used interchangeably and in the short form, i.e. 'Secure Digital Future 21'.

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